The Carbon Show: how it’s done.

The Carbon Show
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The carbon show has been one of the most progressive sites on the conference websites platform. The organisers ‘Haymarket events’ have made the most of all the rich tools we’ve provided to create a brilliantly usable and visually interesting website.

Below I’ll go through some of the features used throughout the site which have made the biggest steps in this site.

Use of images

Images used for buttons and bullets

The best way to raise the interest levels of your site is to include images. Whether it’s a photo relevant to the page or just a graphic which works alongside the creative.

The graphic bullet points (shown in the image left) add a really nice touch to bring the branding into the page content.

How: This has been done simply by inserting the images to the editor using the ‘Upload/Insert Media’ button just above the text editor. Placing the image above the text and aligned to the left will allow the text below to flow freely around the image.

Exhibitor Lists

Whilst not originally intended for exhibitor lists the carbon show actually uses the sponsor system to create an nicely laid out exhibitor list linking off to the ‘sponsor’ profile page.

How: Add a new sponsor through the admin, the clever bit is to create a new ‘sponsortype’ labelled ‘exhibitors’. Then in the same way you’d insert a list of sponsors you can use it to list your exhibitors. 

Whilst this isn’t an ‘official’ way of adding an exhibitor list we do applaud their thinking.

Multiple Seminar Programmes

Creating multiple programme streams

The carbon show isn’t just a one track conference. They’ve got 4 separate themes running alongside one another on the day. For this they’ve created separate pages for each of the programmes to allow the visitors of the site to pick and choose the content they want to see.

This method is great for separating the sessions and keeping the programme from getting too clogged up. An overview page does a great job of guiding the visitor through to each of the programmes (although a clearer clickable button would have helped a little more).

How: All seminar sessions can be assigned to a ‘track’ via the session edit screen. These tracks will then get their own page created for them. To view the new track page go to the admin then under seminars is an option for ‘Tracks’. This will allow you to tweak the tracks or view the page. 


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