How to maximise SEO on WordPress using Yoast (Video Tutorial)

In this video, we’ll walk you through the main key actions to perform NOW to increase your site’s SEO . These are the basic actions all site owners should take.


  1. Use the Configuration wizard to setup Yoast SEO
    Admin > SEO > Dashboard > General > Open the Configuration wizard
  2. Make sure your site is registered on Google Search Engine Tools.
    Google Search Engine Console.
  3. Use the Yoast plugin to generate a site map
  4. Check you have a Robot.txt file present
  5. Use the Yoast Plugin to optimise key pages within the site
  6. Use and TingJPG to reduce the site of your images before uploading as site speed is a key ranking factor in SEO

And then if you want to take SEO to a new level (not covered by the video):

  1. Use to connect Google Analytics to Google sheets or Excel. We’re trying this out ourselves and will report back!
  2. Good use for the keywords report on Search Engine tools. Use the keywords to create FAQ’s and other content people are looking for on your site.
  3. Get more reviews. Either on a industry specific site like Trip Advisor or Google Reviews.

June’s WordPress Tunbridge Wells Meetup was all about SEO. The Meetup gave a good introduction to the key points of SEO within WordPress – watch the SEO videos.


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