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Logo photoWeb Scoops are a tool that helps to easily cherry-pick the best social comments, pictures and videos & publish them directly to your website.

A great way of increasing your brand recognition is through the implementation of an EventBeat Web Scoop, as it can seamlessly slot into any of the pages on your website to suit your requirements. Improving your social proof can also allow inbound marketing to drive new sales. Content on social media that you’re proud of, maybe brand advocates praising your hard work or brilliant service, is the perfect material to help liven up area of your website that are lacking in terms of engagement. Web Scoops provide you with the ability to publish numerous images, comments, RSS feeds and videos directly to your website at the click of a button. Third party endorsements from your clients/customers work to further support the positive image of your brand, providing real evidence for any prospective employers or clientele. As soon as you broadcast real people, illustrating honest testimonials about your brand, businesses or people researching your previous work can be reassured by the positive public opinion.

ROI (Return of Investment) is an area that significantly improves through the use of a Web Scoop, as lucrative advertising space can be sold to potential companies to help generate a valuable income. As your visitor interaction levels will increase through social engagement, advertising space and the content in your social scoop will gain maximum exposure wherever you place it! This has huge positive affects on your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Why not use an EventBeat Web Scoop as a post-event tool to quantify and highlight your popularity and success to online visitors of your home page? Each image and comment broadcast in the scoop is designed to interact with its respective platform, ie. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube etc.

The Web Scoop can therefore be used to transform any of your pages on your website into a useful media asset library, collating all of the videos you require to be presented in an accessible location. Another great capability of the YouTube implementation on the Web Scoop is that the videos can be played and viewed within the Scoop, meaning that the user is not redirected away from your website whilst watching the video. Not only does this increase the viewer interaction of your website, as more time is spent surfing your pages after they have watched the video, it also enhances the user journey. The YouTube videos can also integrate alongside images and comments from the various social networks. This feature helps you add and customise your Web Scoop at the simple touch of a button, so you can forget messing around with difficult and painful embed codes!! (Plus they look great!)


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