How to keep within your Disk Space Allocation (UPDATED October 2017)

A standard, you have an disk space allocation of 50 Meg on the platform. When you reach that limit you have 2 options:

  1. Pay for an unlimited amount of storage – at a cost of £10 per month or £100 for the year.
  2. Delete some stuff.

How to stay within the limit:

You can tell how much of the disk space you have used up by looking on the dashboard.

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 12.33.16

TIP #1 – When you upload images onto the website, WordPress keeps the original file as well as the versions used on the site. It is therefore important that when you upload files onto the site, they are as small as possible.

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 12.33.54

In the example above, the file uploaded is 591k (1/2 Meg or 2.3% of the available space. It is a 2 colour logo and should be no bigger than 5k.

We have created a blog post on how to reduce the file size of an image here – Managing Picture Sizes without Photoshop.

You can also reduce the size of PDF documents.

TIP #2 – Finding & Deleting unwanted files & data

Not only does old data and information use up valuable disk space, there is also a risk that out-of-date information will be picked up by Google.

  1. Start by removing pages, posts, seminars, speakers, sponsors, exhibitors and associated tracks, dates and groups.
  2. Look in the media library for media marked as “unattached” and delete it
  3. Remember to remove it permanently from the system.




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