Improving connection with Global Trade Review

Executive Summary

Two years ago GTR asked Miramedia to take over the management and continued development of the GTR site.

About GTR Connect

Established in 2002, Global Trade Review (GTR) is the world’s leading news source, publisher and event organiser for the global trade, commodity and export finance markets, with offices in London and Singapore. A brand new feature for, GTR Connect is an integrated information and networking portal for the global trade finance community. Bringing trade finance recruitment, targeted training courses, delegate messaging, GTR event downloads, GTR subscription management and more into one central interface, users will have access to more market information than ever before.

What Challenges did we face?

The GTR website is large with thousands of news articles and users. It also links into the Microsoft Dynamics CRM via a SOAP server securely sending user data and content between the CRM and the website, meaning there are many user facing features and touch-points to consider.

GTR have an internal design team who have very clear ideas about how any functionality on the site should look and feel that must lead the project and we needed to work clearly within their guidelines.

GTR wanted a more connected way for the users to connect to their services: News, Subscriptions & events. They also wanted to launch a job board and training course listing product.

How did we help?

We worked closely with the in-house designer and project manager to produce a series of wireframes and screenshots to produce a map of the users journey.

We then talked to the IT department managing the CRM to deal with and plan for any user data moving between the CRM and the WordPress website.

Once we had all this in place, we build new WordPress page templates and a plugin within the existing GTR theme.

What were the results?

We produced a system to improve the connection between GTR and their reader / clients.



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