The ESTAS: Improving user experience with app development

Executive Summary

Miramedia helped improve The ESTAS user experience with the development of a voting app for iOS and Android

About The ESTAS

The ESTAS are designed to help agencies, brokers, conveyancers, homebuilders and suppliers market themselves and to be highlighted regional and nationally for the excellent standard of customer service they deliver throughout the year.

What Challenges did they face?

We thought we could make the user logon and dashboard experience easier. Companies entering the awards were getting access to their own personalised dashboard to view voting reports, comments and download marketing material. Miramedia noticed many logins to the company dashboard from mobile devices. The dashboards were all fully optimised for mobile devices but each company needed to login with a username and password to access. You also needed to open a web browser on your phone each time, type in the URL and navigate to the login screen.

How did we help?

We build a very simple iOS and Android app that provides a gateway to the login screen. Once the client has downloaded and installed the app and logged in, their username and password are remembered on the app. Subsequent visits to the dashboard are made through a one click on the app on the user’s phone.

What were the results?

The app has cut down the time it takes to login significantly. The client is now looking to move more of the dashboard functionality onto the app, maybe adding notifications when a user comments on their entry.

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