Development Diary – December & January

With the winter break in the middle this is a combined dev diary for January and February. A lot of the public facing work has been small increments with bug fixes or tweaks. Behind the scenes we’re working on the next major update which involves a new homepage builder for some more dramatic designs, layouts and enhancements (referred to Unyson in the lists below). We’re still a few months from release but would hope to start Beta testing with a select group of clients¬†by the end of February.

Platform Wide

– New login styling with branding change to
–¬†Updated export filter to add hidden fields when a form has an ‘export’-marked field
– Moved the seminar highlight to the seminars plugin
– Updated jquery ui styling to a newer version with higher contrast
– Added CSS class check to determine which fields should be exported (defaults to existing if none).

Platform Wide – Speakers

– reformatted to use the format to register meta boxes.

Platform Wide – Sponsors

– Added option to order by random each time
– Tweaked the shortcode to accept a ‘per_page’ number of logos

Platform Wide – Seminars

– Fixed bug with sessions ordered by time but not then alphabetically, fixes cases with multiple tracks starting at the same time e.g. track A track B
– Work done on helping the plugin survive outside of the cw platform

Prism Theme

– Updated footer credit to
– Added support for the new font weight option in the action bar
– Removed dev tag
– Unyson framework amends
– Fixed styling for calendar button
– Fixed bug with unwanted mixins stylesheet being called
– fixed bug with the rounded corners not showing (part of a much larger bug I created yesterday)
– This is a development copy of the Prism theme with unyson framework.
– Vast amounts of work after a full 8 hour day of testing, new features and improvements
– Updated to fit new Unyson plugin
– Updated styling on horizontal speaker list to tidy up speaker name and job titles
– Added unyson framework shortcodes in preparation for unyson upgrade

Prism Theme – Action Bar

– Added support for changing the font weight on buttons
– Added support for setting the link target to _blank

Accounts Website

– Migrated all Less files to Scss
– fixed styling issues with list of blogs
– restyled the ‘unassigned’ blog type for annual sites to look good
– Updated site branding to new miracx logo
– Fixed issues with css hitting errors when compiled
– tweaked annual signup text
– tweaked next subscription date to show month in text form
– Cleaned up the subscription summarry to handle annual clients
– replaced monthly subscription note with billing date to handle annual sites
– Added blog name for annual sites



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