Developer Diary: September

Most of the development time in September has been dedicated to our new theme ‘Prism’ to be launched in October. There are a number of functionality improvements which come along with this and are bundled into the theme.

Conference Websites Major updates

  • Upgraded to WordPress 4.0
  • New media library experience with the grid layout.
  • Updated text editor to expand as you type, also ensures the toolbar follows you down the page

New: Prism theme

  • Beta Testing: Just launched the open beta!!!

New: Exhibitors

  • Alpha Testing: currently in alpha testing, hoping to be available for release in October!!!

Sphere theme (formerly the 2014 CW Theme)

  • NEW anchor shortcode added. Use [anchor id=”example”] to create an anchor point
  • Added opengraph declaration to header file, should fix sharing issue with linkedin
  • Renamed theme to ‘Sphere’ in line with new product line updates
  • Fixed issue with the fixed links on ipad and other tablets
  • tweaked the text widget css

Wedge theme (formerly the 2012 CW theme)

  • Updated: WordPress 4 support
  • Renamed theme to ‘Wedge’ in line with new product line names.
  • Added screenshot to match

Site Admin

  • Removed the shortcode helper plugin from the admin for administrators
  • Updated Images now compressed to a maximum of 2000 pixels rather than the originally restrictive 1000
  • Fixed issue in certain cases where the ‘discourage search engines’ setting was not being honored
  • Updated admin menu reconfig so that it’s filterable

October is aimed at bug fixes and tweaks as well as polishing and improving the new functionality tied in with the Prism theme such as exhibitor lists.


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