Developer Diary: May

May was dedicated to increasing the speed of the sites, making as many optimisations as we could to get a speed increase without changing the design of the sites. We focused on optimisations to the page construction timing, moving all javascript to the footer of the site and introducing lazy loading so images (such as sponsor logos) are loaded only when the user looks at the image.

Early June we focused on security. With several key plugins updated and a few more introduced we’re covered.

Account Management Site

  • Fixed template redirect from breaking the homepage
  • Tweaked header logo url and footer text


  • Moved js to footer for async loading
  • Adjusted sponsor logos to use lazy loading
  • Added sponsor logos widget scripting migrated from the event settings plugin


  • Stripped out any https links for the edit seminar session button
  • Inlined some css
  • Moved js to footer for async loading


  • Lazy loading speaker images
  • moved js to footer
  • Fixed a few small bugs


  • Added backlink for exhibitor profiles

Unyson Integrations

  • Removed lazy loading from the slider when images are used to fix bug with first slide not loading
  • Fixed bug with sponsor logos with no logo
  • Reformatted the slider once again for better lazy loading of images
  • Removed dev code from options
  • Fixed bug with sponsor groups not being assigned the correct ID

Sphere Theme

  • Removed comma. Paranoid about the comma
  • Removed the async plugin, too much trouble caused across other plugins / widgets etc
  • Removed the faint shadow around the content area as it bugged when the transparant background was used
  • Added the async js plugin
  • Added IE8 css to header again
  • Removed a lot of comments in the normalize css which was affecting the minification of the overall css files
  • Reconfigured a lot of elements to help page speed. This is a beta version ready for freetrial testing, not live
  • 404 page text now editable

Prism Theme

  • Added in extra check for exhibitor plugin prior to using the exhibitor template (belt and braces)
  • 404 Page text now editable
  • Header action bar js moved to footer


  • Countdown Widget: Moved js to footer
  • Added lazy loading for certain images such as sponsor logos
  • Removed Kraken api settings, moved to separate plugin
  • Removed some unwanted settings options from the admin menu for client logins. Namely Kraken, wpscss and asyncjs plugin menus
  • Added Kraken API Settings inserted by default
  • Added WP Heartbeat slowdown to try ease the server overload
  • Updated api keys for Kraken
  • Moved js enqueing to the footer area for async loading
  • delayed loading of meta desriptions (not sure why?)
  • Added 404 text as editable language
  • Removed sponsor logo widget scripting and moved to the sponsor plugin
  • New Plugin: Kraken API integrations
  • Redirection plugin
    • Added in a new option to force the redirection defaults into the database. This should help block the previous issue of the database containing infinite 404 logs as the initial settings were never saved
    • Added a call to the Redirection ‘Flusher’ which schedules in the clearance of old logs
    • Switched schedule to flush to make a more immediate effect
    • Reverted back to schedule, poor choice

Internal Tools

  • Added in backup funtion_exists code to help on development area where domain mapping doesn’t exist
  • Fixed bug with the domain mapped visit site button hitting an insecure warning
  • Tweaked the view site link to help avoid the ssl warnings

Marketing site

  • Stipped out the setcookie code which was causing a ton of errors in the nginx logs


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