Developer Diary: March/April

Since launching the new page designer (a great preview of this is for Dubai World Trade Center) we’ve focused on supporting issues for this as well as bug fixes across our other functionality. Behind the scenes Prism+ is in Beta and getting ready for the Unyson update to fall inline with the Sphere+ theme.


  • WordPress updated to 4.2.1, 608 beautiful bug fixes and amends provided by the open source community. In general this focuses on the underlying code, compatibility and optimisation. There is also a major security update so if your IT department start panicing about WordPress, you’re ok, it’s covered.
  • Live chat support option added to all admin areas so you can communicate directly to our support staff (mainly Jamie), this is currently a trial but we’re expecting it to stay.
  • The Customizer support for all themes!
  • Custom CSS We’ve added a css editor to the admin for all + sites.


  • Added Keywords as a new option for page specific SEO setting
  • Fixed issue with the event settings menu vanishing when unyson is active
  • Reenabled the customizer for the wp 4.1 update
  • Sponsor System 
    • Cleaned up some notifications from the error logs
    • Belt and braces fix for the WEPower sponsors ‘continue reading’ oddities
    • Added size as an option to the sponsor shortcode
  • Speaker System
    • Fixed issue with 4.2 conflict with get_avatar_url function

Prism Theme

  • Fixed bug with the RSS ticker not displaying correctly
  • Fixed issue with the sponsor visit site button hovering with a poor color choice
  • Removed the layout tab for non-prism-plus sites
  • Housekeeping cleanup on a few redundent functions
  • Reformatted some prism plus functions to call the ‘is_prism_plus’ function which is more reliable than other methods
  • Removed the auto upgrade functionality as this has been covered with a plugin
  • Updated the header layout so that new sites built on prism (without plus) have the correct header order by default… creative, menu, ticker)
  • Fixed issue with the ‘plus’ status not being explicitly set and dishing out an intermediate version
  • Moved unyson shortcodes to extra plugin
  • Fixed: footer widgets vanished
  • Updated icons for unyson shortcodes
  • Customizer:
    • Removed the theme selection for wp 4.2
    • Fixed conflict with other plugins
    • Added auto update to remove other plugins doing similar functionality e.g. sphere theme customizer

Sphere Theme

  • Fixed bug with the sidebar widgets showing a box shadow
  • Removed extending h1’s after it caused a bug with the unyson extension
  • Fixed another wanky update with the image scaling on browsers
  • Removed double HTML statement in header
  • Removed doctype declaration inline with HTML5 requirements
  • Added HTML5Shiv to better handle the nav markup.
  • Fixed issue with IE being unable to handle the max-width
  • Added better mobile support for the new unyson Menu. Now dropdowns require a double tap to click through to the href, this gives user time to view the dropdown options
  • Added third tier support for unyson menu
  • Added an arrow to the dropdown options to indicate a second tier
  • Added the css editor plugin to the sphere plus config
  • Added custom fields back for superadmin
  • Fixed issue with plugins not being removed on sphere+ deactivation
  • Reformatted the exhibitor list for sphere
  • Fixed issue with sphere sites defaulting to plus
  • Unyson Integration added
  • moved all unyson shortcodes into a plugin so they can be shared with the prism theme
  • Added a (primarily for development) number counter on the taxonomy dropdown
  • added icon to show you’re on a sphere or sphere plus theme
  • Switched to SCSS
  • Added new formatting and styling for full screen pages
  • Added new templates for full width takeover
  • reformatted the header and footer areas to allow easier page template creation
  • Updated agenda, no longer runs full width of the bounding box. This is aimed at making less of an impact on the Unyson release update
  • Updated the extended plugins
  • Fixed bug with the header crop area not being selectable
  • Added the sphere customizer support plugin as a requirement
  • Customizer:
    • Removed the themes selection from wordpress 4.2
    • Fixed conflict
    • Added tool to auto deactivate the prism customizer plugin… (this should really be made into one plugin to handle both)
  • Page Builder
    • Added margin to the headeing options
    • Removed height from the media image, most styling ignores this anyway to support responsive layouts
    • New Icon Box shortcode
    • Added extra styling options to the textblock
    • Exhibitor list shortcode now conditional
    • Removed height from the slider functionality, wishful thinking at this point
    • Hooked up more elements of the speaker shortcode
    • Added slider and gallery shortcodes as separate options
    • styling tweaks
    • Fixed menu styling in unyson
    • Fixed aligning in the heading shortcode
    • Updated the heading shortcode to use inline styling rather than embedded, should fix the IE9 issues
    • Tweaked the menu shortcode styling for IE9
    • Fixed bug with the speaker shortcode images
    • Fixed bug with the speaker shortcode counts not displaying all under cirtain circustances
    • Reordered the taxonomy selection
    • Fixed bugs with the textblock h1 causing a scrollbar
    • Reformatted the image shortcode to include an alt tag and to fix the images not displaying in IE when the image widge hadn’t been set
    • Fixed bug with IE9 not loading the unyson CSS
    • Fixed bug with IE9 not loading the unyson CSS
    • Tweaked how the hover styling is handled for more intuiative dropdowns
    • Fixed bug with the textblock scrollbars always showing up
    • Added some extra validation for transition styles on the slider
    • removed dev code in slider
    • Added links as an option for the unyson slider
    • Rebuilt the slider shortcode from scratch for better design options

Wedge Theme

Despite being officially unsupported due to it’s ageing code, we’ve had to make a small update for customizer support as this was blocking the WP 4.2 upgrade.


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