Developer Diary July / August

The developer diary let's you in on the behind the scenes of the conference websites product. As a monthly section we'll aim to keep you up to date on the full list of amends that take place across the platform so you can keep up with what's fixed and what we've been working on.

July and August have merged into a long run of developments. With new secretive functionality just over the horizon (to be announced soon) we’ve been busy behind the scenes. Whilst we’ve been working on a lot of structural changes in the foundations of the code we’ve also been able to dish out a new round of functional and aesthetic features for this new version.

Conference Websites Major updates

2014 Theme

  • NEW anchor shortcode added. Use [anchor id=”example”] to create an anchor point
  • NEW supporting CSS for the new CTA button tool
  • NEW new option to adjust text color of the footer disclaimer
  • NEW options set for the editable thumbnails. Hides all image sizes by default, then adds required ones.
  • NEW new search engine optimisation fields for pages, can now edit page description/title
  • NEW support css for gravity forms Poll’s extension plugin
  • NEW support for exhibitor single pages ( not relevent right now 😉 )
  • NEW Support for the Post Thumbnail Editor plugin including default option values
  • NEW noIndex setting to pages. This also hooks into the sitemap to remove the page from the sitemap
  • Fixed bug with the taxonomy templates not pulling in the correct data
  • Fixed shortcode edit links broken in wp 3.9
  • Tweaks to sidebar nav styling, allows the word conference to fit into a single half width button
  • Tweaks to mobile navigation to allow longer sublinks.
  • Tweaks made to the rounded corner settings on sidebar widgets (now keeps a square corner top left if there is a title)
  • Updated: mobile version spacing and padding
  • Updated: Re-Enabled the iframe shortcode admin as this had been blocked
  • Updated: Sponsor logo size increased in sidebar widget
  • Updated: reworking of the media upload script to allow gallery selection in preparation
  • Updated CSS for footer content to ensure disclaimer and nav can sit side by side.
  • Updated styling and layouts of taxonomy pages to allow more content to be added without breaking aesthetic
  • Updated seminar time picker to allow full 24 hours
  • Removed hardcoded meta data from <head>. It’s now added using wp_head hook from plugin
  • Removed code flipping the holding theme back on in odd circumstances
  • Removed redundent admin columns from media and pages view in preparation for the media library plugin


  • Fixed issue with wp 3.9 with shortcode edit buttons breaking the text editor
  • Fixed issue with the speaker role reordering (this issue is a TB fix from several months ago – code has been tested and works fine but worth watching for any future issues incase this wasn’t finished code)
  • Tweaked the default speaker avatar on the seminar list
  • Removed seminar quick edit functionality as it no longer worked and looked awful anyway. No usability loss.


  • New Editable speaker thumbnails for more precise control over the images
  • Updated added specific editable image size for featured speaker thumbnail to the featured speaker layout
  • Fixed issue with shortcode edit buttons on wp 3.9


  • New sponsor logos sizings. Width increased to 200px
  • Fixed issue with shortcode edit buttons not working in wp 3.9

Conference Websites 2012 Theme

This theme is currently on a ‘support only’ status, as you can tell we’re not giving it the full backing of the 2014 theme, the reason is that the frame of the system is too dated, so we built a new theme (2014) which users can upgrade to for free by contacting us.

  • Fixed issue with wp 3.9 with shortcode edit buttons breaking editor
  • Removed quick edit functionality as it no longer worked and looked awful anyway. No usability loss.
  • Fixed issue with the speaker role reordering
  • Tweaked the default speaker avatar on the seminar list

June Developer Diary


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