New for 2018, we are updating our support offerings for all our clients. We aim to provide a consistent, easy to use support service across all sites, with a range of packages to suit your needs.

We have developed a 3 tier support system and believe that each package will meet the different requirements of our clients. These range from a free basic level with minimal handholding, through to a monthly retainer with full support.

What are the Support Packages?


This is the free, entry-level pack for all sites except Bespoke sites. This is most recommended for our basic, level one Teal sites.


This includes a block £100/ 1.5 hours of support time, which can be used as needed. This package is included in the site license fees for all Byzantium sites and is the minimum requirement for Bespoke. Additional blocks can be purchased as needed.


Regular monthly invoice of a minimum of £100 per month for 1.5 hours time which is reviewed monthly. This is our recommended support package for Bespoke sites.

How will the Support Packages be Rolled Out?

All support packages will start when you launch a new site or at renewal of your existing site. When we speak to you about a new or renewed site, we will recommend the support package for your needs. In addition, we will also make some ideas for improving or upgrading your site, for example increasing site speed or look and feel.

If you would like to take advantage of a paid for support plan now, these are available for £100 for 1.5 hours (Silver) or £100 per month (Gold). Please contact us if interested.

What Kind of Site Do I Have?

If you’re not sure which kind of site you have, Teal, Byzantium, Bespoke or other, please contact us to find out.

You can read more about the support plans in this document here or contact us with any queries

I can’t take credit for this idea, it was given to me by one of our clients, Janine Winfield of Alternative events. It’s a great way to display news, press and blog content in a list, with links to the full content with no need for extra modules and fees.

It’s a great idea, here’s a demo:

  1. Add a new sponsor type: “News story”, “Blog Post”….
    Admin > Sponsors > Sponortypes
  2. Add New sponsors tagged to the group “News story”. Use the Sponsor Logo for the featured image that is displayed in the list. Use the Sponsor URL to link to more information.
    Admin > Sponsors > Add New Sponsor


We are working on a new Blog pack with lots of enhanced features – contact us for more info.

A standard, you have an disk space allocation of 50 Meg on the platform. When you reach that limit you have 2 options:

  1. Pay for an unlimited amount of storage – at a cost of £10 per month or £100 for the year.
  2. Delete some stuff.

How to stay within the limit:

You can tell how much of the disk space you have used up by looking on the dashboard.

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 12.33.16

TIP #1 – When you upload images onto the website, WordPress keeps the original file as well as the versions used on the site. It is therefore important that when you upload files onto the site, they are as small as possible.

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 12.33.54

In the example above, the file uploaded is 591k (1/2 Meg or 2.3% of the available space. It is a 2 colour logo and should be no bigger than 5k.

We have created a blog post on how to reduce the file size of an image here – Managing Picture Sizes without Photoshop.

You can also reduce the size of PDF documents.

TIP #2 – Finding & Deleting unwanted files & data

Not only does old data and information use up valuable disk space, there is also a risk that out-of-date information will be picked up by Google.

  1. Start by removing pages, posts, seminars, speakers, sponsors, exhibitors and associated tracks, dates and groups.
  2. Look in the media library for media marked as “unattached” and delete it
  3. Remember to remove it permanently from the system.



 Exhibitor Zone

What is it

The Exhibitor Zone is a back office function which allows Exhibitors access so they can upload their own information, logos, bios and links.

How it works

Once you have added the exhibitor to the system and chosen a password they will be sent an email with login details and links to the Exhibitor Zone.

Exhibitors will also see a progress bar1 so they will know if there are still outstanding items to complete when they login.





  • Marketing forms: Links, Forms, Pages
  • Exhibitor website details
  • Exhibitor logo upload
  • Exhibitor biography upload
  • Exhibitor grouping by trails
  • Categories to tag exhibitors and blog posts, press releases
  • Functionality to email all exhibitors
  • Ability to bulk upload exhibitors
  • Facility to download data


Over the past seven years, Miramedia has helped The ESTAS Group grow their user engagement on the Estate Agent of the Year Awards from 200 entries in 2010 to 700 in 2017. Find out how we did this.

The ESTAS Group asked Miramedia to re-design their Estate Agent of the Year Awards (ESTAS) platform. The old site was built on propitiatory code, which we moved over to WordPress. The new website included a process for submitting entries, voting and ability to purchase tickets to the awards event.

We provide continuous support year round on social media strategy, online advertising and future technical functionality. This rebuild has created a much slicker process, which has enabled The ESTAS Group take platform format into others areas of real estate, such as brokers, conveyancers, homebuilders and suppliers.

Over the past five years The ESTAS Group have become one of our top clients. With many other aspects of our work, our window with clients is often quite short: we can create and launch a site in 48 hours if needed. With The ESTAS Group, we are actively involved in helping them grow their business and generating new ideas for them. For example, we suggested adding a ‘Tweet this comment’ button when voters added comments to their votes. This and other strategies we recommended helped them gain over 3000 followers within an 18 month period.

We also built ESTAs functionality as an app.

Miramedia has directly contributed to the success of The ESTAS Group, such as driving increased voting numbers.

Moving ESTAs onto WordPress was initially a large project, but it has improved business continuity for the group. WordPress utilises lots of off the shelf functionality, which is easier and more reliable. It also means that it is easy for other users to manage sites. In fact, we are being asked to take over several new sites because we can use the WordPress functionality.

Visit The ESTAS here


We’re pleased to launch a new visual composer element for our WordPress Conference Websites.

Previously, options to display a conference agenda, with speakers and seminars, were limited to a basic table layout. Functional, but not pretty OR user friendly.

We’ve been working on a new, easy-to-implement element which expands your ability to list out different tracks, speakers and time slots over multiple days. Users can view each track to see the variety of speakers, topics and breakout sessions over the course of the day.

Alternatively, if you have users who would like to see what is available at a particular time during the event, you can view all available sessions across different tracks at a chosen time.

This functionality is now available as a visual composer element on our Byzantium theme, replacing the need for bespoke design and build.

Want to know more? Please contact us!

Q. I have a chairman and some panellists for a particular seminar session. How is the best way to display these different contributors?

A. Using Speaker Roles within the seminar system.

Q. But How do I do that?

A. Simple. Just follow these instructions:

1. Add 2 Speaker roles: Chairman & Panelist

ADMIN > SEMINARS > Speaker Roles

2. Set the order you want the roles to appear. E.g. Move the Chairman above the panelist.

ADMIN > SEMINARS > Speaker Role Order

3. Then assign the speaker roles for each seminar session with a chairman and a panelist. Edit the session, and select a panelist and a chairman.

ADMIN > SEMINARS > [Select a seminar] > Select Panelist in this Seminar

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 09.40.47

4.   And the final result:

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 09.51.28

Switch to a Mobile version of a page

All sites are responsive and so will be optimised to fit nicely onto a mobile device, be it phone or tablet.

However it might be that you want to write specific content for the user to see when they view the site on mobile – or more often than not, a cut down version of the page content.

To do this, open the page editor on the page you want to edit, and scroll to the bottom of the page. There is a field there labelled Mobile URL.

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 14.42.06



Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 10.50.52

What are 404 pages?

The 404 page on a website is displayed when there is a request for a page that cannot be found on the site. So for example, just goto

So why would I want to edit them?

Because they are your customers and they are not finding what they are looking for – this is bad!

So what content should I add to the 404 page?

If you could try and second guess why they are on the 404 page and start from there. So example content could be:

  • Links to direct them to the CTA or content you might want to draw attention to.
  • An apology – they have landed there our of no fault of their own (more than likely) and so you are not serving them

Any examples of good 404 pages?

As with most things in life, the starting point is google:

Example 1 Example 2

How do I edit my 404 page on

Admin > Settings > Languages

Editing your 404 Message
Editing your 404 Message


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