Social Media is a subject that more and more marketers are getting to grips with. If you need a hand learning the basics or maybe a more focused approach customised directly to your business, try our Social Media Consultant service.

This is not a job for the intern.

Brand voice, Social Media Policy and Training

Decide on a brand voice and then stick to it. Put a policy in place to make sure everyone who has access to your social media accounts, or who works within your company, knows the brand voice and how to deal with issues should they arise. You may think Social Media is all a load of tosh, but to the internet world it is your first impression on innumerable amounts of potential customers.

Key Point: Train anyone going near your social media in your brand and your policy. This is not a job for the intern.

Customise information to each platform’s audience

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you can save time by automating the same message over every platform. Think about it – you’ll have unique followers on each platform, sure, but you’ll also have the odd person who follows every account you have. They will quickly become bored and uninterested if everywhere they go the same sentence from you is blaring out at them.

Key Point: Each platform has a different target market. Cater to them.

Choose the accounts that reflect your conference’s audience best and stick with those 2 or 3

Only maintain a few, relevant accounts

There is no point in having an account with every social media platform out there. Apart from likely being physically impossible, the whole point of social media is to be active. If you can’t keep track of how many accounts you have, you have too many.

Key Point: Choose the accounts that reflect your conference’s audience best and stick with those 2 or 3, then make sure they stay maintained and not left to their own devices.



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