Using the colour theory in your Conference Website

Colours are one of the most important parts to a website design. The colour theory gives a designer a helping hand at choosing the correct colours for a website.

Why use the colour theory?

The colour theory should be used in the colour choice for any form of design. This theory will ensure that your colour choices work and don’t clash or look out of place.

The colour theory

There are three main colour theories that help with the colour choices for your design. These colour theories are known as  triadic, compound, and analogous.

Triadic color scheme


This works by taking a colour wheel and drawing a triangle to choose your 3 colours for your triad colour scheme.

Compound color scheme


This works by choosing getting a colour wheel and choosing 2 colours next to each other and taking the colour on the opposite of the selected colours.



This works by taking 3 colours next to each other that are different shades of the primary e.g. blue would be light blue and dark purple/blue.

But this is a little complicated is there a easier way?

Yes! There are many websites online that can help you choose your colours but we personally recommend Adobe Kuler. This amazing website allows you or your designer to choose colours using these 3 colour methods and more! You are also able to sign up and add colours to a pallet and save it on your account. Along with this you are now able to export this pallets and sync them to software like Photoshop & Illustrator

You can visit Adobe Kuler here.

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