A conference is a coming together of like-minded professional individuals to discuss industry news, developments and progress. They come to talk to each other, but are also drawn by the opportunity to hear from the leading people in their field and to learn from them and push their own work to a higher standard.

The Key Aspects of Speakers

  1. Inviting speakers with their own pool of resources means they help market your entire event just through doing their own marketing. They already know people who will be interested in the field but who may not have been aware of your conference. They broaden your appeal.
  2. Speakers will be keen to network and meet new people who can further their career. They will also act well to move the conversation along and facilitate introductions between groups. They motivate the conference members to enjoy the event to its full potential.
  3. A good speaker will give credit to your event and make a worthwhile destination for your target audience to want to attend. The opportunity to meet and talk with a leading light of the field

Your conference can only ever be as good as the quality of your speakers, so make sure you show off the best people you can in order to highlight the top standard of your event.

Emphasizing your speakers

Giving your key speakers exposure on your conference website is easy to do. We’ve given you some extra tools to help layout and show off your key speakers.

Take a look at the speakers demo page for examples of how you can quickly layout your content.


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