One of the main reasons you’d want a website for your conference would be to make ticket booking available to the world.

We (Miramedia) specialise in building website solutions that are extendable and user friendly, but one of the areas we don’t cover is handling payments. We think there’s a very good reason for this – other companies are already doing a fantastic job!

So instead of try to force our customers down a single option route we’ve worked out how to work with some of the best options on the market.

So here are our recommendations for event registration and ticket booking with conference websites:


Eventbrite easily integrates with the conference websites platform with several options available. It’s possible to embed the registration form directly onto the page so your visitors will be confident of the link between the website, the registration form and the payment at the end.

Eventbrite also completely manage the ticket handling process right up to the front door of the event.

> Click here to view the EventBrite website


Some of our largest clients use Amiando to handle their ticket registration. With similar integration as Eventbrite it’s also possible to create a seamless connection between your registration and website.

> Click here to view the Amiando website


Also known as: Interchange, Speeddata and Eventdata depending on your event.

Showdata are also popular with customers and offer a solution to allow the visitor to view the registration form on the showdata website but whilst still maintaining the appearance of your conference website.

 > Click here to view the Showdata website

All of these solutions offer a secure way to handle ticket booking and registration but there are many other registration companies available. If you’d like to use a different registration company then get in touch to check that we integrate with them as required.


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