New Theme: Prism now available!


We’ve piled our knowledge in the exhibition website industry into making our brand new theme ‘Prism’. Designed for a larger website with more tools, widgets and customisations it packs a punch.

Layouts to suit you.

Over the years we’ve learnt just how quickly sites can grow from a small splash page to 100+ pages packed full of content for visitors and exhibitors. Prism features the options you need to grow your site. One sidebar or two, menu down the left or across the top.

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 10.11.16


The customizer, our most powerful design editor yet. 

You can customize the site colors, sidebar content, background and header creative whilst looking at your website. Less time going back and forth from admin to the visitor view.





Designed for a larger website

The conference websites theme (now named ‘The Sphere Theme’) was great but we noticed an increase in requests to change the navigation, the top nav was toorestrictive for events with conferences and exhibitions.

‘Prism’ should have more space than you’d ever need. The navigation across the top is now optional, you could put it in the sidebar instead (Or have both!).

Combined with the new action bar, two sidebars you can pack in the content you need as your event grows.

Call to action!

The ‘action bar’ is a feature we’ve introduced to give you more exposure to your key sponsors or links. Sitting above your site content it’s guaranteed a view.



Teaser Boxes

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 11.11.45It’s always a great idea to finish each page with a lead into the next. The new teaser box tool lets you drop in a clear prompt to the user of where you want. Whether it’s registration, exhibitor information or a photo gallery at the end of the show.

Footer Widgets

The sidebar real-estate can be precious, even though we added an extra sidebar for Prism we also went one better by adding four new areas for your footer.

Available Now

The Prism theme can be used with any of the conference or exhibition packages.

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