How to market your event for £1,000.

1. Create your branding

Buy the Denim Creative Package for £500 and get your brand up and running in no time at all. This includes; website header plus four web banners, one half-page and one full-page advert and a four page sales brochure produced for both the internet and print.

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2. Setup your website

Buy a package for just £500, including everything you will need to design, build and maintain your website for one year.

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3. Get listed on your search engines

Improve your position on Google / Bing

  1. Optimise the content on your site by following our tips and service
  2. Setup on Google Webmaster tools –

You will need to authenticate the site, you can do this buy linking your Webmaster tools account with Google Analytics.

You need to create an XML sitemap using

You then need to upload this file using the WordPress media system and then submit that to Google Webmaster tools.

Use Pay-per-click Advertising to get listed quickly

Google and Bing both offer free advertising on their networks.

Google free ads:


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4. Get Social

Choose social media platforms that are relevant to your event. These are likely to be Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, although you may want to consider experimenting with others depending on your target market.

Setup on Twitter

The trick to getting more followers is to follow people who are going to be interested in what you have to say. They will be posting news and opinions on the topic you wish to promote (so you can retweet and reply) and they will want to know more about the industry from your angle.

The key to Twitter is consistency. Try to tweet regularly each day with relevant tweets, to show your audience that you are available, reliable and interesting.

Remember to add your twitter feed to your to get visitors to your website involved and aware that you can be contacted through Twitter.

Setup a Facebook Company page

Use the cover picture space to place a high res image with your conference information and add visual impact to the page. If it doesn’t attract people, they will leave.

Use the logo or title of the conference as the profile image – this will appear next to every interaction you do throughout the site and will remind people who you are at a glance.

Make sure to update your Facebook page about twice a week. Use interesting information about the conference, about the speakers and seminar programs and about the exhibitors who will be there. Concentrate on sharing videos, pictures and information your audience will find valuable.

Set-up a Linked In Group page for your event

Use the Group page to start discussions about your upcoming event and always share your question to your other social networks, like Twitter and Facebook, as well as other LinkedIn Groups whose demographic suits your conference.

Take to joining other groups whose members are a part of your target audience. Join in conversations and share useful information, but don’t just hard-sell your conference – you’ll end up banned.

Add links to your discussions that lead interested parties back to your website. This will help your search engine rankings and add the ability for your audience to find out more if they want to.

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5. Add your event to Conference Listing sites

Along with the possibility of clicks from these sites, listing your conference website will improve your SEO ranking.

Lanyrd –

Lanyrd is a list of conferences and events with links to delegates and speakers.

List of conferences and events.


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