In our constant desire to make your websites look great and enguage your visitors and customers, we have created a new slider system.

Here is the demo:

Feature list:

  • Add any number of images to a page – the images are displayed 1 after the other in a nice animation.
  • Add title and caption
  • The images can be of any size and are resized width-wise to fit. The height of the slider is automatically set at the height of the tallest image
  • Link to URL for call to action???? AD

And Here’s how you do it

We encourage you to use a create a new page as a test area for the slider before committing it to your home page.

1. From any page click on: Add Media
2. Follow the instructions on the create a gallery

3. Once you have all the images uploaded and ready to go, Select “Slider” from the drop-down “Type”
Select Slider From Type

4. Changing the title and the caption will change the text displayed on the image

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