Conference Website for Mobile users

A significant chunk of web traffic to our Live Event websites come from mobile. Considering how your users view your website content on a mobile device should be an essential part of any web strategy for your live event.

In this article I outline 3 options open to you.

OPTION 1: FREE : Web app / mobile version of the site

i.e. Do nothing and use the online website version of the conference website.

Your Conference Website is already optimised for iPhone and Android. Click here to see the an article on how to promote your website as a web app.

Advantages: Free and quick, no need to do anything other than build the website.
Disadvantages: Online Only, not offline

OPTION 2: FREE : Add your site to Eventbase

A live event portal. You can load your conference website content to Eventbase. Users download the eventbase app to view your conference content.

Eventbase for your conference website

Give attendees a complete guide to your event in a feature-rich native app for iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry and mobile website.


Advantages: Free and provides an offline version of the website content.
Disadvantages: Users have to view the app via the eventbase app, so no direct download of the app content. Also, content needs to be replicated to the app.

OPTION 3: £500 : Full Native App

We have teamed up with app development company attendify to offer a web app version of your conference website.

Screen shot 2013-10-29 at 18.09.01

Advantages: Full and “proper” native app.
Disadvantages: Content needs to be replicated to the app.



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