3 reasons why One Page Websites are bad for SEO ranking

SEO is crucial in the success of a website. Without a strong SEO presence your website can really struggle to get regular visitors. In this blog post I will discuss how one page websites are not SEO friendly and why multipage websites should always be used.

One page websites are funnily enough a website with only one page to display there whole website. Some of these websites may be beautiful but they have a significant effect on your SEO ranking. Here are 3 reasons why you should always use multi page websites.

1) A one page website means you only have one page on search engines

With a one page website you will only be appearing on a search engine once. This gives other websites a better chance of ranking higher as they are able to create multiple pages with the same keyword.  Here is an example of a one page website vs a multipage website on google results.


2) One page websites only have one title tag and meta description tag

One page websites have one title tag and one meta description this will limit what is displayed on google. This also gives the site only one opportunity to hook clients in via search engines. Multipage websites give you the option to have multiple page titles and descriptions to help strengthen your SEO ranking.

3) Tracking your visitors with Google analytics is useless

Google analytics is a extremely valuable tool for monitoring what clients are doing on your website. With a single page website you can only monitor there time and how many hits you have on your website. This restricts you from having access to tools that allow you to know what your clients are spending most there time viewing on the website, this valuable information can only be displayed on multi page websites.




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