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Search Engine Pay Per Click

The advantages:

1) Control

You decide:

  • where the ad should appear – On content partners of just Google Search
  • the locations (country, town or Post Code) you’d like the ads to appear
  • how much you’d like to spend on each click
  • monthly budget.

2) Speed of visibility

We can sponsor and have your site listed for a particular keyword within minutes. An example with how this can become particularly effective would be when you link PPC to PR activity.

3) Measurement

The reports generated can give you you Return Of Investment to minute levels. Who searched for what, clicked on which ad, where they live and what they brought / didn’t buy!!

A Typical PPC Campaign consists of the following stages:

  1. Initial research & budget settings
  2. Create Campaigns, load keywords and organise conversion code
  3. bi-weekly reports
  4. Ongoing tweaking to ensure the budget is spent and targets met.

Case Study: Grand Designs Live

We have been working for Media 10, the organisers of Grand Designs Live, for Many years.

An average campaign would generate over £100,000 of ticket sales for an advertising investment of £10,000.

Who will work on your campaigns:

Our Google campaigns are carried out by Qualified Google Professionals.