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Our Move to Open Source

Why we took the descision to move to Word Press – an Open Source Platform.

Like most Agencies, we took the expensive step of designing our own Content Management System some years ago.

In this article we list and discuss the reasons we took the drastic step to scrap it and build upon the WordPress Platform.

A large part of our business is to design and build websites for Exhibitions, Conferences and Events. We have built industry specific modules and systems that run within our own propriety CMS. We took the decisions last year to move from our own CMS to WordPress for the following reasons.


The Amount and sophistication of the plugins for Word Press is outstanding. We’d need 100′s of programmers to keep up. Along with the standard WP plugins, we also develop Plugins for our Industry specific modules. The Plugins integrate with the standard WordPress tools – e.g. media library. This means we are no producing the same systems as everyone else.


Our propriety CMS used a number of specific libraries and modules in order to run. The upshot of this was that it became very complicated to install our CMS and so had to run our own hosted dedicated servers. Due to the massive peaks in activity on our sites, the ideal hosting environment for us would be to host the sites on Virtual Servers – Elastic Cloud. However, hosting on Virtual Servers requires you to be able to build servers at a click on a button and that was not possible with all the required dependencies our proprietary CMS had.


The training resources for Leading Open Source Platforms is amazing and largely FREE.
I’d be happy to discuss our experience in this area and provide consultancy in this area.